Vianden is a small village in the north of Luxembourg, next to the German border. Despite its remote location and lack of renown, Vianden occupies an important position in the development of European history, hosting the castle of the Counts of Vianden, ancestors of the House of Orange-Nassau, a lineage that for a long time … Sigue leyendo Vianden



During my last weekend in the Netherlands I had the chance to revisit Valkenburg and its surroundings, a very interesting area where castles, hidden chapels, lush forests and large fields follow one after another. Please follow the link to see more pictures of Valkenburg, in this case on a foggy day. Eleazar.

St. Gilgen & St. Wolfgang

From massive chalets to small cottages, the traditional Alpine architecture reveals itself to be extremely interesting, using long roof overhangs, colourful shutters and wooden balconies full of geraniums and other flowers. St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang, located on the shore of the lake Wolfgangsee, a natural setting of incomparable beauty, offer a very nice ensemble … Sigue leyendo St. Gilgen & St. Wolfgang