Born in Santander, I have lived so far in Spain, France and the Netherlands. In september 2017 I am going to settle in Luxembourg.

Very curious about life in different countries and very motivated to learn from other cultures and meet new people, I developped very early a passion for travelling, which I have recently supplemented with a newly discovered passion for photography.

For the moment I am learning about framing by myself. Once I feel I know enough about framing I will buy a better camera and explore all the technical possibilities.

I hope I can share with you my passion. Please feel free to express your thoughts, I am open to your suggestions and critiques.


2 comentarios en “About

  1. Hola Eleazar,
    Acabo de ver tu blog y me parece fantastico todo lo que posteas, las fotografías el contenido es increible .
    Me encantaria que visitaras nuestra pagina web y poder colaborar juntos en crear contenidos, tambien tengo la curiosidad de saber si eres fotografo?
    Ojala puedas responder a nuestro comentario
    Saludes !!!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • Hola!!!
      Muchísimas gracias por los elogios.
      Sería un placer para mí colaborar con vosotros.
      No soy fotógrafo, simplement amateur, pero adoro la fotografía 🙂
      Gracias de nuevo, y sigamos en contacto!

      Me gusta


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