Summer in Santander

Summer holidays in northern Spain do not satisfy everybody’s expectations, as some of the stereotypical elements of Spanish culture are missing, such as the folkloric dances, the warm character of the people and the sunny, hot weather, something that definitely keeps Santander and other northern cities out of the itinerary of many tourists searching for the typical features of Spanish culture.

On the occasion of the visit of a German friend of mine, I have recently rediscovered the city where I was born, having been able to enjoy its unique beauty both under the clouds and under the sun, as shown in the pictures below.

DSCN0478_edited (3)

DSCN0479 (2)_edited_edited

DSCN0480_edited (2)_edited

DSCN0494_edited (2)_edited

DSCN0495_edited (3)_edited

DSCN0497_edited (2)_edited

DSCN0411_edited (3)

DSCN0423 (3)_edited

DSCN0425_edited (2)

DSCN0435_edited (2)

DSCN0440 (2)

DSCN0444 (2)

DSCN0462_edited (2)

DSCN0468_edited (2)

Hoping that the month of August will bring us more sun, since during the last month of July we only had five entirely sunny days.

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