TEFAF 2017

The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is maybe the most important art fair in Europe, held in Maastricht at the beginning of March every year since 1988.

Even if there is a clear prevalence of Dutch paintings from the 17th century and French paintings from the 19th, TEFAF covers almost all art periods, bringing together major works belonging to the most important art galleries in Europe.

London art galleries were indisputably the ones displaying the best works this year, namely paintings from the French Realism and Impressionism. Richard Green, Stoppenbach & Delestre and Macconnal-Mason Gallery were the leading art galleries in TEFAF 2017. Another leading gallery was Ivo Bouwman, located in The Hague, gathering major works from the Dutch Realism and Impressionism. The focus of Paris galleries was rather on modern art, while the focus of the Scandinavians’ was on interior design.

Visiting TEFAF is a very rewarding experience. You learn quite a lot about the current situation of the art market and you discover new works of art, while enjoying the sophisticated atmosphere of one of the greatest exhibitions in Europe.

DSCN7549_edited (2)

DSCN7556_edited (3)

DSCN7560_edited (2)

DSCN7566_edited (4)

DSCN7579_edited (2)

DSCN7581_edited (2)



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