King’s Day in Amsterdam

The Netherlands and its peoples wear orange on the 27th April to celebrate the King's birthday. Far from being a dull day full of solemn events, King's Day is a synonym of cheer and liveliness. The city of Amsterdam fills up with people coming from everywhere in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of DJ … Sigue leyendo King’s Day in Amsterdam


Genova e Milano

One year ago I went on a trip to the north of Italy to discover Genova and Milano. Here are some memories of my trip. I hope they suggest something positive to you. Palazzo Tursi (Genova): Piazza de Ferrari (Genova): Palazzo San Giorgio (Genova): Genova Bocadasse: Piazza del Duomo (Milano) Eleazar.

2 days in Prague

With its magnificent architectural ensemble, its lively atmosphere and its attractive prices, Prague has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Central Europe. The aforementioned architectural ensemble proves the leading role of the Czech capital city in the development of different artistic trends throughout History. The Classicist style and its further developments (Baroque … Sigue leyendo 2 days in Prague