On the beach

After a first half of month full of grey days, this last weekend the sun has finally come out, taking us all to the seaside to enjoy the good weather.

We need to get the maximum out of it while it lasts; summer is reluctant to show its face.

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The pictures above were shot last Friday and Saturday in Playa de la Arnía and Playa de Canallave, in northern Spain.

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Bárcena Mayor

Last Sunday I went out to the mountains with my family, specifically to Bárcena Mayor, a tiny village composed of characteristic stone houses located in a small valley surrounded by grassy meadows and wooded hills.

Despite the fog and a sudden afternoon storm, the visit to Bárcena Mayor was well worth it. The pure air of the mountains and the surrounding greenery made it a refreshing experience.



Christiania is a self-governing neighbourhood in Copenhagen, located in a former military setting.

Its people, its liveliness and its street art make Christiania a very colourful place, reflecting a culture rooted in diversity and tolerance.

Here below my particular vision of this well-known Danish hippie commune.

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Copenhagen, blue paradise in Scandinavia

I have been recently to Copenhagen for the first time, and I was impressed by its open spaces around the canals. Wandering around the Københavns Havn (Port of Copenhagen) is a very relaxing experience that allows you to enjoy the immensity of the sky and the water in a former industrial environment, now turned into an important location for innovative modern architecture.

Here below the photographic report of my trip to the major city in Denmark. I hope you enjoy it.

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Midsummer Day hike

The mild weather of late June in Sweden invites locals and visitors to go hiking through grassy meadows and pine forests.

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DSCN0149_edited (2)

As much as it invites us to take a quick dip in one of the many lakes that can be found on the edge of the forest.

DSCN0132_edited (3)

DSCN0136 (2)

DSCN0142 (2)

The pictures above were shot in Söderbysjön lake and its surroundings on Midsummer Day.

Please visit my post In the heart of the Baltic Sea and know more about other experiences in the Swedish nature.

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Drottningholm Palace

The private residence of the Swedish royal family is located in the outskirts of Stockholm, on the shores of lake Mälaren.

The palace can be visited (at least partially), as well as its Baroque and English gardens. It is not the only public institution that is open to the public in Sweden though: Stockholm City Hall and the Royal Palace are also important tourist attractions.

This gives me an impression of openness. Without any further knowledge, I would say that the Swedish public institutions are willing to be transparent to their visitors, and this is something that does not happen in many other countries.

Its particular location (at the shore of a lake and surrounded by woods) makes Drottningholm Palace an inspiring place, specially by sunset, when few visitors are around and the fading lights make the palace, its gardens and its statues very picturesque.

DSCN9727_edited (2)

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Södermalm: the soul of Stockholm

Branded as the alternative neighbourhood of Stockholm, Södermalm has a lot to offer, going from cosy bars and cafés in lively streets to picturesque houses and parks in peaceful corners.

I was positively surprised by the considerable number of art déco buildings in the area, which are my favourite. Not less important is the presence of typical Scandinavian small wooden houses and, how not, Baroque buildings in cobblestone streets.

When I discovered Södermalm I immediately felt that I was penetrating into the soul of the city.
Its atmosphere, its people and its urban fabric make Stockholm be what it is: a varied and colourful city.

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