Disused station of Yera & Engaña Tunnel

There are some experiences that would leave no one indifferent, as they genuinely awaken your sense of curiosity. Walking along the trail that had initially been meant to host the railway line connecting the provinces of Burgos and Cantabria, within the (failed) bigger project of linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Bay of Biscay, is … Sigue leyendo Disused station of Yera & Engaña Tunnel


St. Gilgen & St. Wolfgang

From massive chalets to small cottages, the traditional Alpine architecture reveals itself to be extremely interesting, using long roof overhangs, colourful shutters and wooden balconies full of geraniums and other flowers. St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang, located on the shore of the lake Wolfgangsee, a natural setting of incomparable beauty, offer a very nice ensemble … Sigue leyendo St. Gilgen & St. Wolfgang


The capital city of Bavaria, although devastated by the World War II, still peserves the charm of an old medieval town, its historic district having been thoroughly rebuilt. At the same time, Munich is a cosmopolitan city hosting important exhibitions in the fields of photography, history and technology, and having become an important location for … Sigue leyendo Munich

Swiss memories

Last summer by mid August I went all over the German-speaking Switzerland with my family. Although we did not stay long in every place, we still managed to get the big picture of this small but incredibly beautiful country. Here are some memories of my trip. Zurich: Lucerne: Lake Lucerne: Engelberg: Bern: Fribourg: Now it … Sigue leyendo Swiss memories


Liérganes, like Santillana del Mar, is regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The combination of old stone houses and greenery, together with a privileged natural setting, makes Liérganes unique. When shooting I decided to focus on façades, in order to show how finely these traditional stone houses and villas have been … Sigue leyendo Liérganes

Los Urros

Los Urros are a group of small islets located off the coast of Liencres, in the Cantabrian Sea. Product of coastal erosion, Los Urros stand out in the waters facing the tireless lashing of tides and winds. The pictures below show their aspect on a rainy afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, Eleazar.